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Water Fitness has been leading Aquatic training in the UK for over 12 years and have in this time built a team of indivdual tutors with a large range of separate skill sets and fantastic at working the water within their own style. We are focusing on getting everyone in the water and getting people fit mobile and active without all the pressure of the studio. Since 2014 Water Fitness have teamed up with Hydro Fitness Solutions to provide some high quality, individual bespoke, training systems. They include the use of revolutionary aquatic equipment designed by themselves and Hydrorider International.

During 2016 Water Fitness have also teamed up with the STA for endorsment for all of our concepts allowing us to offer very competitiive instructor insurance and a training portal for all water fitness instructors. We have also teamed up with Pure Energy for our fitness Music for discount codes please email if you are interested in CD purchases there are carefully selected Water Workout suitable CD's displayed on the Music tab at the top of this site.

We have also teamed up with Double Splash and Hydrorider Dragon Aqua Cycling, Double splash being Ricardo Maia and Joao Regufe from Portugal and international presenters. David Maund of Hydrorider Aquacycling Dragon from Pembrookshire south Wales. They write their own prgramming and we all share training ideas to develop new concepts and friendships as thoroughly as possible.

If you would like to just try a session or two of what Water Fitness have to Offer we present at Fitness Fiesta and Fitcamps fitness convention weekenders. For more details contact head office for discount codes.

We would like to invite any instructor wishing to develop their aqua skills and knowledge to come and do a course or workshop with Water Fitness and join this Aquatic Revolutionary Phenomenon.

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Ryan & Nataliya Graham 

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