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Course Description 1 day Water Fitness Instructors Training

Course objectives

On completion of the course the participant will be able to:

  • Identify the science behind aqua
  • Understand Buoyancy and its use
  • Appreciate Hydrostatic pressure and the effects on the body
  • Appreciate Resistance and be able to utilise it
  • Understand Thermo regulation and its effects on participants
  • List a minimum of 8 benefits of aqua sessions
  • Work through a range of exercise progressions
  • Design & implement an aqua session with progressions
  • Feel the effects of the water and identify them
  • Identify the differences between shallow exercise and deep water exercises
  • Be aware of the importance of correct alignment and the forces working against it
  • Implement different strategies to increase / decrease the level of intensity
  • Pool Safety Procedures
  • Teach on poolside in a safe manner
  • Adapt demonstration timing to suit class with out losing motivation
  • Teaching practice

This course will not cover any Anatomy & physiology, principles of training as they were covered in your level 2 fitness qualification.

Course Description 1 day Hydrorider Instructors Course

This course is designed to give anyone who holds a Water Fitness Certificate or any Insured Aqua Certificate, the opportunity to teach and implement safe and effective Hydrorider Aqua bike classes. There is pre course work to complete from our Hydrorider Training Manual. 

The Manual is sent direct from your tutor on booking onto a course.

Course objectives

  • Learn the benefits of Hydrorider Aqua Cycling on the Human body.
  • Understand the differences between Aqua Cycling and Studio or Road cycling.
  • Be aware of the Health and Safety Issues regarding clients and also the Pool and pool area.
  • Design a safe and effective Hydrorider session.
  • Take part in 2 Hydrorider masterclasses.
  • Deck skills session when possible.
  • Practical examination
  • Music the law, how to use it, how to cue it
  • Feedback



Course Description Water Fitness Aqua Ante - Post Natal Course

This course is designed to give the qualified aqua instructor basic training with regards to understanding the changes pregnancy brings and how these effect exercising during pregnancy and after delivery. To implement safe and effective aqua exercise classes for mums to be and new mums.

Course objectives

On completion of the course the participant will be able to

  • Understand normal foetal growth in each trimester
  • Identify physical changes in pregnant women
  • Understand the Absolute Contraindications To Exercise During Pregnancy
  • Understand the role of the hormone Relaxin
  • Identify the benefits of exercise during pregnancy
  • List a minimum of 4 exercise movements not advised whilst Relaxin is present in the body
  • Understand the need for adaptations to exercise
  • Understand the consequences of over extension
  • Understand the seriousness of the consequences of overheating/dehydration
  • Execute an in depth PARQ
  • Recognise when participants should be referred back to the GP/Midwife
  • Design a programme focusing on relaxation, proper body alignment, breathing and strengthening exercises
  • Understand the limitations of exercise due to joint laxity & Hypermobility
  • Understand the relationship between resistance and joint laxity & hypermobility
  • Understand the limitations of exercise due to reduced oxygen uptake

How do you keep your Waterfitness Certificate current and up to date

By achieving 6 Water Fitness cpd points in a two year period. 

Your waterfitness certificate will automatically be updated and a new certificate given to you on your final cpd event.

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