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Fitness Insurance

Are you covered for Insurance?

With Water Fitness and the STA you can recieve your insurance cover for a year for just £10.00 only with an excess for cover up to £10 million! For all new or existing instructors  who are attending or who have attended the One day Water Fitness course. Any previous instructors wanting a new certificate with the STA logo on it should contact Water Fitness head office by email or phone call to request one,  youwill also have STA membership and STA portal access to veiw your qualifications online with notes etc. There will also be a reminder on the STA portal to let you know with plenty of notice when your Certificate requires an update. (3 WF CPD points every two years)

WF CPD (water fitness continous personal development)

One day courses:

 Water Fitness one day instructor course 10 WF CPD

Hydrorider one day instructor course 10 WF CPD

Ante/Post Natal one day instructor course 10 WF CPD

Water Fitness workshops:

Hydrolates workshop 5 WF CPD

HydroSpirit workshop 5 WF CPD

HydroFighter workshop 5 WF CPD

HydroPole workshop 5 WF CPD

HydroJump workshop 5 WF CPD

Depth Charge workshop 5 WF CPD

Silver Surfers workshop 5 WF CPD

CPD masterclasses 3 WF CPD *Please note each CPD masterclass will contain 3 of the following masterclasses designed by your CPD instructor who is leading the day, each one of the Water Fitness Tutor team has thier own style. Look out for CPD's availible at single venues or conventions.

Hydro latino "Fiesta del Agua" , AHIIT , HydroCircuits , ADC (aqua dance choreography) , New Noodles, HydroBlast conditioning, Aqua Extreme, Depth Charge, Hydrorider Aqua Cycling, HydroPole, HydroFighter , HydroFighter with mitts , HydroFighter with mitts & bag , Hydrolates , HydroSpirit , HydroJump Silver Surfers , abs core n more , Shallow noodles , Deck skills.

Hydro Instructor DVD,CD and notes 1 WF CPD per DVD 

You could be held liable for any injury that a client claims is a result of your advice or something you have shown them. This is why you need adequate insurance to protect you and your business from financial loss and the worry caused by client claims.

STA insurance offers combined liability insurance for group fitness instructors and personal trainers. Cover for water-based exercise, general exercise, personal training and many more activities.

STA Insurance Includes:
Public Liability cover at £10 Million
Professional Indemnity cover at £10 Million
Optional personal accident cover
Optional sports massage cover
Temporary cover to teach abroad*

Special Features
Most liability claims occur many months, and sometimes years after an alleged incident. That is why the STA provides cover on an occurrence basis, which means any valid claim occurring during the period of insurance will be paid at any point in the future subject to the statutory limitations laid down by the law** Your policy should cover all the activities you are qualified to teach. The STA will add new qualifications to your policy without increasing your premium!

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