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CPD Update Event

Water Fitness and Hydro Fitness Solutions Professionals have designed a CPD programme to ensure all our instructors are up to date with new ideas and help them progress with their own individual aqua instructor career. All of our master classes and workshops are also STA endorsed.

The master classes are taster sessions of the varying disciplines and the more in depth disciplines require a one day workshop in order to teach them, where as some of the master classes are of a specific style and don’t require a workshop.

CPD Workshops and Masterclasses:

  • Hydro Spirit a large range of movement dynamic session using Yoga Postures taught in the pool using the bouyancy's floating effect and supportive properties of water to create a core, balance strength and flexibility session suitable for all levels. Depending on pool temperature depends on wether this class has a holistic mind body relaxation section or not. Pool temp must be 29 degrees at minimum (Workshop required to teach)

  • Hydrolates a Pilates style workout with focus on core strength its the ultimate waistline water based workout. Postural problems can be aided, strengthening very weak areas that cause people difficulties, this session may use noodles and hand bouys may be used in this session. (Workshop required to teach)

  • ADC stands for Aqua Dance Choreography for those instructors who like to teach 32 beat routines with a hint of dance and lots of fun functional training.

  • New noodles Noodles are one of the most common pieces of equipment used in an aquatic session but so many of us have been doing the same old exercises with them for too many years this session is designed to show new exercises with this trusty old tool.

  • AHIIT stands for Aqua High Intensity Interval Training, exactly what it says “on the tin” - it’s a high energy class from the word go with specifically cut music to help break your class up neatly into recovery and workout segments.

  • Hydrofighter mixed martial arts and boxercise style class adapted for the pool environment. (Workshop required to teach) can be used with no equipment, or the hydrofighter mitts only, or with the Hydrofighter bag on the Hydropole and the Hydrofighter mitts combined.

  • Depth Charge a deep water workout including some techniques for deep water running, some deep water aerobic exercises and deep water core and conditioning exercises. This session may use some floatation equipment it may not. (Requires a workshop to teach)

  • Hydro Circuits a circuit class in the pool using different pieces of equipment for each station.


  • Aqua Xtreme a High intensity session using the basic aquatic exercises and taking them to the XTREME intensity through progressions.


  • Aqua Latino utilising music from genres of Salsa, Calypso, Meregue, Bachata, Spanish hip hop, Reggae and Raggeton. This class has a party atmosphere and great music with aquatically adapted Latin American dance moves.

  • Deck Skills For already qualified instructors in Water Fitness to further their delivery knowledge in aquatics for suspended exercises aquatic movements and aquatic cueing. Most instructors believe the transition from land to aquatics crosses over, this is most definitely not the case, timing movement cueing and delivery are critical to ensure a very well deliver aquatic class, on the one day Water fitness instructor course the basis of these skills is learnt.


  • Hydrorider  Aqua Cycling an indoor cycling class taken into the water environment to give a fully supported all over body exercise that can take away aches and pains reduce cellulite, burn fat and provide an invigorating experience for everyone and leave them wanting to do more and more. Hydrorider has been in the UK for around 5 years now and is gaining popularity with group exercise fans.

  • the Hydro Pole created by Hydro Fitness Solutions utilizes the Water Fitness designed Hydro pole training concept. It combines dance, flexibility, balance, core control, aquatic muscular strength and endurance, to build a fantastic opportunity for all to engage in an aquatic aerial workout. This class has been know to drop a regular participant 3 dress sizes in 12 weeks its a cardiovascular, core, co-ordination, and strength session that everyone can enjoy.

  • Hydro Jump using the HYDRORIDER diamond Aqua jump trampoline Water Fitness has designed a high intensity aquatic low joint impact exercise class using the resistance of water to the greatest effect. Not only is it fun and effective but it is suitable for children as well as adults.A unique class that helps with strength, CV fitness, conditioning, posture and core stability. It’s a dynamic class using the buoyancy of the water to allow exercise positions that would prove very difficult for the majority of participants if they were to try it dry.


The aquatic fitness industry is becoming increasingly popular not only within the public sector but with sports teams alike with having so much potential for training and very little risk in terms of injury.

Our mission statement is to eradicate the stigma that is associated with aqua and the general consensus that all aqua is for the elderly or overweight. It is not! Aquatic exercise is an all-inclusive exercise for everyone. With the use of our high quality products, our team of specialist fitness programmers, presenters and tutors we are making a significant difference.

For leisure providers, health clubs, gyms and spas across the UK and Southern Ireland we would like to encourage and support you to offer premium services within the pool for you current customers and ascertain new members by providing a much sort after service. By doing this the running costs of the pool can be dramatically reduced just by the sheer volume of people wanting to attend an increasing variety of aquatic sessions. 

Regarding payment VAT will be added to the final price.

Sunday 7th August 2022
Sunday 7th August 2022
Time: 9-3pm
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne Hadrian Leisure Centre NE28 7LQ
Tutor: Lindsey Humble
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Ex Tax: £109.00
Sunday 11th September 2022
Sunday 11th September 2022
Time: 10-3PM
Location: Edinburg Zoo Holiday Inn EH12 6UA
Tutor: Oliver Anwyl
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Ex Tax: £109.00
Sunday 6th November 2022
Sunday 6th November 2022
Time: 10-1PM
Location: PRESTON Ribby Hall Village PR4 2PR
Tutor: Nataliya Graham
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Ex Tax: £59.00

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